Welcome to
The Mojo Club !

Membership Rules:

1. Know all the words to a Mojo Nixon song;
2. Climb a boulder problem naked;
3. Climb a sport route naked;
4. Climb a traditional climb naked.
5. Submit accomplishments

Merit Badges: A merit badge is encouraged and awarded to those who extend their membership privileges into bolder territories. Merit Badge examples: Free soloing multi-pitches above struggling helmet and hexes crew, women performing stem problems (men are subject to banishment from the club for performing the same stunt), off-widths, tyrolean traverses, slacklining, multi-day aid climbs (again, banishment is possible for too much man-ass on a belay ledge), etc.

Fine Print: Climbing shoes, chalk bag and necessary gear allowed but the vital anatomy must remain free to the breeze.More than one witness must see the event to prevent spouses, partners, and soloists from misconstruing the truth to gain membership. A camera can act as witness as long as someone has seen the photo to verify it's existence. Alcohol is encouraged.